What? Who? Where?

GA_70s cover
Don’t care anymore.
Ya no me interesa.

Where is the Love?

GA_Where is the Love
It is still February, month of love. What happened?
Todavía es febrero, mes del amor. ¿A dónde se fue?

Working for the weekend

GA_Calico cage
But first, one must nap. My thanks to this sassy calico
for reluctantly allowing me to crash for a bit.

Antes de la fiesta, debemos tomar una siesta. Le doy gracias
a esta brava calicó por permitirme roncar aquí un rato.

Thanks for sharing

GA_Sharing with ferals
Too bad it is not spaghetti, because she is a cutie!
Qué pena que no es espagueti, ¡porque esta chica está linda!