Cats like Water… wait, whaaaaat?

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The idea that felines are not water friendly is another one of those mistaken myths like “Black Cats mean Bad Luck” and “Cats are Domesticated”. It is simply not true. The origin of why we don’t march joyfully into the tub every time you humans decide is “bath time for kitty” has some deep roots and a little history.

Cat chillin' on a boat. How do you think we got to the New World?

Cat chillin’ on a boat. How do you think we got to the New World?

A long time ago, in a world filled with sand… there lived felines that enjoyed their desert-y existence with very little water. Egyptian cats bathed using their tongues – as it should be – to keep that shiny coat free of any debris. No faucet to open and scare the 9 lives out of them. We were treated like gods and there were no complaints about it.

Time kept moving along and not too long after humans started using rivers and oceans to move around. Big vessels filled with goodies and rodents. Man needed help, so what does he do? Bring in the cats of course! And there, in uncharted territories, we did the deed, losing our fear of water in the process. Some breeds like the Maine Coon and the Abyssinians got so used to it that they still go for a swim when they get the chance.

So as you can see the dislike was more a “fear of the unknown” and now it is not a big deal… or is it?

Reasons why felines are not friends with H2O

  • A few drops on us may feel refreshing, but a full dunk in the bucket will make our coats very heavy thus losing our famous balance, making it very difficult to escape like we do.
  • We are cool, but hate feeling cold; so being drenched in water drops our temperature turning us – for a little while – into shaky, depressing creatures.

Now having said all that, you know that cats love to keep you guessing; which is why I’m giving you a list of moments when jumping in the water is total-feline-fun! Continue reading

Flea you fools!

GA_Excellent Summer picIt happens as soon as the weather warms up: flea invasion. The animal kingdom scratches in desperation as these creatures take over their bodies. Being made of paper I don’t suffer any of the symptoms and actually have made friends with a few of the parasites, so much so that I decided to allow one of them to explain the phenomenon: I give you Pete “P” the Flea.

*Pete is a little over dramatic and has low self-esteem issues. He requested that no pictures of him would be posted.

A Flea Plea
Why was I born a flea? I could’ve been a beautiful butterfly or a protected bee but no, the universe conspired to bring me into this world as a hated creature, one with a very short existence and the need to feed from someone else to survive. Of course it is a common theme throughout nature but when it comes to fleas we get the rotten end of the deal.

Why wasn’t I born an exquisite shark? Nobody gives him grief for devouring fish or catching that elusive seal…

What about your beloved vampires? You think of them as beautiful, complicated and sensual beings… yet they also need precious blood from others to continue their existence (Note to self: make friends with the vampires).

I am no fool. I understand the hatred. We invade your cute pets, your plushy carpets, the new couch, even that lovely bed with our blood-sucking regime. Just thinking about us makes you scratch! As much as you love the warm summer months, you know we have been dormant since winter, waiting for the sunshine to wake us up so we can hitch that uninvited ride on your cat while she enjoys her morning walk (in her harness no less – humanizing cats, preposterous idea), taking us to our never-ending buffet.

Desperate scratching: our fault - Pete the Flea

Desperate scratching: our fault – Pete the Flea

You can try to get rid of us. It is almost funny seeing you try. Poor feline getting bathed every week and treated with “miracle” drops to banish the pest away while you frantically wash all your sheets and vacuum like there is no tomorrow; it’s a good workout and probably gives you some success. No doubt. But my human friend, more of us are already brewing in your garden starting the cycle all over again. Because no matter what the world thinks about fleas, we are part of the circle of life.

As for me, it is just too hideous. Can’t do it anymore. That is why I am giving up the fight. I will go out into the garden to hopefully be eaten by an ant while she’s investigating the watermelon from the picnic (sweet death!); but knowing me the end will happen inside the mouth of a lizard as he’s doing one of those crazy push-up moves (at least tell me why you do that?).

PS: One last piece of advice: we don’t mean harm, but it is our nature. Those worms and ants in your yard? They keep us out of your property. Be kind to them. Keep your pets safe.


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Don’t believe the hype: your cat is happy indoors

GA_Excellent Summer picSure we look oh so cool hanging out outside, climbing trees and jumping from rooftops with enviable confidence but know this: that outdoor loving feline runs a lot of risks and has a very short life span. And while some of them prefer it that way, trust me when I say that most of them would love to live in a pampered environment where they can stretch those 9 lives in style – provided of course that it comes equipped with all the necessary gadgets.

This means thinking cat and bringing our outdoor experiences inside. Every cat is different and so are his fun activities. Knowing what your feline likes will make the transition way easier.

The King of the House: Does he like to jump up the kitchen cabinets and watch you cook? He will enjoy having a few boards installed around the house so he can keep an eye on his kingdom from above. This idea also applies to what you call “Cat TV”: a window perch where kitty can sit and watch the outdoor world go by.

Obsessed about her nails: Kitty won’t stop scratching your furniture? Don’t deny her the action. It is an essential part of every cat’s routine. When we scratch a surface we are leaving our scent on it making the area our own. Territorial acquiring is very important to us. Start by adding scratching pads and towers strategically placed in those areas that she prefers to use.

The Hunter: Always on the prowl. No boundaries in his hunting grounds: grabbing your feet when you walk past him, going for your favorite vintage lamp, killing that wind chime you’ve had for 20 years… it all becomes his. To prevent you from losing more valuable items (and saving your feet), you need to provide the hunter with prey. NOT talking about live mice or bugs – although if they’re inside it’s fair game- but by getting toys designed for the action. Hide them around the home to make it more fun.

Oh yes, he is suffering. Indoor life with outdoor views. Pic: Glorimar Anibarro

Oh yes, he is suffering. Indoor life with outdoor views. Pic: Glorimar Anibarro

Wanna go outside: You’ve done your research. Got kitty the perfect toys. Redesigned your home to make it appealing for him. Yet his favorite place is still hanging by the door waiting to bolt out the minute it opens. It’s not your fault. He just wants to feel the grass under his paws. The solution depends on finding out the exact reason for the problem: Continue reading