Get your cat ready for winter and the holidays. Here is all you need!

GA_Comments_circle. blueI am aware that your cat is still lying on the cold ceramic tile, balls in the air (at least the area where the balls were) ’cause it’s too freaking hot. But cold will start creeping into our calendar very soon changing your feline routine from napping on your precious granite countertop to sleeping under warm covers. And it’s not just chilly weather; the holidays are approaching bringing all kinds of delicious temptations, screaming kids, tons of boxes and awesome “crashing into tree” situations.

Is your cat ready for all this?

Gato Avocado is. And I’ve compiled lots of useful information to keep your kitty safe this winter season wrapped in my first ever eBook! And in the spirit of the soon to be here holiday season, I am gifting it to you (as in FREE).

Amaze your relatives at the dinner table with your poignant feline knowledge.

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Cats like Water… wait, whaaaaat?

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The idea that felines are not water friendly is another one of those mistaken myths like “Black Cats mean Bad Luck” and “Cats are Domesticated”. It is simply not true. The origin of why we don’t march joyfully into the tub every time you humans decide is “bath time for kitty” has some deep roots and a little history.

Cat chillin' on a boat. How do you think we got to the New World?

Cat chillin’ on a boat. How do you think we got to the New World?

A long time ago, in a world filled with sand… there lived felines that enjoyed their desert-y existence with very little water. Egyptian cats bathed using their tongues – as it should be – to keep that shiny coat free of any debris. No faucet to open and scare the 9 lives out of them. We were treated like gods and there were no complaints about it.

Time kept moving along and not too long after humans started using rivers and oceans to move around. Big vessels filled with goodies and rodents. Man needed help, so what does he do? Bring in the cats of course! And there, in uncharted territories, we did the deed, losing our fear of water in the process. Some breeds like the Maine Coon and the Abyssinians got so used to it that they still go for a swim when they get the chance.

So as you can see the dislike was more a “fear of the unknown” and now it is not a big deal… or is it?

Reasons why felines are not friends with H2O

  • A few drops on us may feel refreshing, but a full dunk in the bucket will make our coats very heavy thus losing our famous balance, making it very difficult to escape like we do.
  • We are cool, but hate feeling cold; so being drenched in water drops our temperature turning us – for a little while – into shaky, depressing creatures.

Now having said all that, you know that cats love to keep you guessing; which is why I’m giving you a list of moments when jumping in the water is total-feline-fun! Continue reading

Peeing outside the box

Where is it“My cat is peeing outside the litterbox” is a common concern amongst feline guardians – usually new ones. Sometimes it’s a sign of a medical issue, but the majority of the cases are completely human created. They want a cat but hate the idea of a litterbox in the home, disguising them in ways that are so outrageous, even our highly trained noses can’t find.

Felines are majestic creatures that sadly share some un-godly characteristics with every other living beings on the planet; we pee and poop and need a spot to do it in. If it’s not the litterbox, watch out ’cause anything goes! plants, couches, antique rugs, your precious boots…

Sometimes the problem gets so out of hand that the poor kitty ends up at the shelter when a simple solution would’ve solved the case: Get a litterbox. Maybe 2. It is part of the “Living with a Cat” kit.

Continue reading

Cats and birds can be friends. Inside the controversy

Hey, I hang out with hawks. No controversy here.

Hey, I hang out with hawks. No controversy here.

Contrary to what you believe, us cats don’t like being in the news. We like to keep our cool you see and being front and center of every media outlet can be considered in our circles as “selling out”; especially when the publicity is a negative one. A few years ago someone started the rumor that the feline population is finishing the majestic bird population. We thought it will just be talked for a bit then forgotten, but that hasn’t been the case.

The rumor starters went as far as declaring that feral and stray cat colonies were a big part of the problem and that supporting causes like TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) doesn’t help the birds because even though the cats get fed, they are still hunters and will go after every other creature that moves. Their solution? Adopted kitties have to be spayed/neutered and kept indoors, while outdoor cats must be sent to the pound… and you know what happens there… This obviously got the human advocates of the TNR movement up in arms. The results of the program are outstanding; it totally works! It controls the colonies avoiding unnecessary risks like diseases being spread and new cats joining the club. Will this save the birds? Well, a cat is still a cat. But if he or she is not hungry the necessity to hunt minimizes and yes, maybe a bird will get caught as part of the “hunting game” but not as intense as when we see them as food.

CTA English 2

GA_Comments_circle. blueSo, do we have a solution? As with any relationship, it is all about accepting responsibility and making some compromises:

  • A feral cat is a wild animal: Not saying this to add to their already cool attitude. These felines survive the way all cats did back in our early days. Yes they can be tnr’d, yes the young ones may learn to socialize and be adopted; but just like you look at a deer or a fox and know that they are not pets, so should be the case with feral cats.
  • Adopted a kitty? He is safer inside. Build a fun world for him in your home so he can enjoy watching out the window while leaving all animals in the garden to live their lives in peace. Still wanna let him outside? Go out with him. Keep him away from hunting real animals.
  • Accept that YOU humans are a big part of this controversy: Yes it is easy to blame the cat; poor feline can’t defend himself. Answer me this though, who has destroyed most of all wildlife habitats, cats? You don’t ask permission to steal land from bears, mountain lions and coyotes; you keep taking down trees, rerouting rivers and building in secluded areas to be “close to nature”. But when nature comes knocking, well it’s time to take them out. This has to stop. Take responsibility and help maintain a relationship with the animals around you.

Yikes, that got preachy LOL. You know I still love you humans. I am your friend. And I am sure that together we will find a solution so we can keep harmony in our home.

Got something to say? Don’t be shy! Meow it in the comments.


Los pelícanos y yo disfrutando del sol. ¡Buenos momentos! Nada de controversia.

Los pelícanos y yo disfrutando del sol. ¡Buenos momentos! Nada de controversia.

Gatos y pájaros pueden ser amigos. Hablamos sobre la controversia
Contrario a lo que piensas, a nosotros los gatos no nos interesa salir en los noticiarios. Nos gusta mantener algo de misterio y consideramos el aparecer en todos las redes sociales como que estamos vendiéndonos; especialmente cuando la publicidad es negativa. Hace par de años alguien comenzó un rumor de que los gatos callejeros estaban terminando con la majestuosa comunidad de los pájaros. Pensábamos que sólo se hablaría por un tiempito y pasaría de moda, pero ese no ha sido el caso.

Los rumores fueron tan lejos como asegurar que tanto los callejeros como los extraviados eran parte del problema y que las causas como la TNR (Atrapar/Esterilizar/Devolver en español) no ayudaban a los pájaros porque aunque los mininos ahora eran alimentados por humanos, seguían siendo cazadores terminando con cualquier criatura que se mueve. ¿Qué solución proponen? Gatitos adoptados tienen que ser esterilizados y mantenidos dentro del hogar, mientras todos los callejeros debes ser enviados al refugio… y todos sabemos lo que sucede cuando los llevan allí… Obviamente esta solución puso a los defensores del TNR furiosos porque saben bien que su programa es exitoso. Controla a las colonias evitando riesgos de contagio de enfermedades mientras también evita que sigan llegando nuevos miembros a la colonia. ¿Pero esto salva a los pájaros? Bueno, el gato siempre es gato. Pero si el felino está alimentado no verá al ave como comida y si es cazado es porque no pudo escapar del juego gatuno.

CTA Español 2

Y ahora ¿cuál es la solución? Como toda relación es un poco de aceptar responsabilidad y entre todos llegar a un acuerdo:

  • El gato callejero es un animal salvaje: Y no digo esto para añadirle a su reputación mega cool. Estos felinos sobreviven igual que lo hacían nuestros ancestros. Sí se benefician del TNR y los chiquillos pueden aprender a socializar con humanos y ser adoptados. Pero de la misma manera que miras a un ciervo o zorro en el campo y sabes que no es una mascota; así mismo debes ver al gato que vive en la calle.
  • ¿Adoptaste un gatito? Tiene una vida más segura dentro de tu casa. Constrúyele un mundo divertido en casa para que disfrute observando por la ventana mientras los animales que habitan en tu jardín siguen su vida normal. ¿Todavía quieres que experimente afuera? Pues no lo dejes solo. Acompáñalo y asegúrate que no “juegue” con los animales de tu vecindario.
  • Acepta que USTEDES los humanos tienen mucha culpa en esta controversia: Es fácil echarle la culpa al gato; el pobre no se puede defender. Pero contéstame esta, ¿quién ha destruído la mayor cantidad de hábitat en el planeta, el gato? Ustedes no le piden permiso al oso, al coyote o al pájaro antes de tumbar árboles, desviar ríos y construir en áreas apartadas para “estar más cerca de la naturaleza”. Entonces cuando la naturaleza toca a la puerta, hay que sacarlos de allí. Esto tiene que parar. Hay que tomar responsabilidad por los actos cometidos y ayudar a mantener una relación amigable con todos a tu alrededor.

WOW me fui en el sermón ¿no? LOL. Sabes que los quiero mucho amigos humanos. Y estoy seguro que juntos encontraremos la solución para poder vivir en armonía todos juntos en nuestra casa.

¿Tienes algo que decir? ¡No seas tímido! Maúllalo en los comentarios.

Preparing for Kitten Season with a little help from a friend

GA_Comments_circle. blueAs we round up our Kitten Season week, we give you the ULTIMATE LIST for all those amazing humans who decide to take care of our little ones. Thanks to Crepes from Cat in the Fridge blog for this one. Click and learn my friends.

kitten season crepes listPara terminar la semana de la Temporada de Gatitos, les incluímos la lista de todos los artículos que deben tener aquellos humanos de buen corazón que decidan cuidar a nuestros pequeños mininos. Gracias a Crepes del blog Cat in the Fridge por la info. Haz clic en el enlace.

Gato Avocado’s Book Review: “Texts from Mittens. A cat who has an unlimited data plan… and isn’t afraid to use it “

9780373893225_POB_prd.inddTexts from Mittens, the hilarious Catster based column-turned-internet-sensation that keeps readers laughing weekly arrives now in book form. Woohoo! let’s celebrate with some of Stumpy’s nip 😀 Don’t know what I’m meowing about? Seriously? Allow me to explain: Mittens is a tuxedo feline with a huge chip on his shoulder. I’m talking intense attitude. You know when people look at their cats and wonder, “what is he thinking?” Our hero’s mom doesn’t have that problem ’cause this dude is in constant communication via text messaging. He doesn’t hold back.

The book follows his dramatic daily adventures dealing with mom, grandma, Phil the family’s dog, Stumpy his catnip loving best friend and Patty the happy drunken neighbor as we read his mobile screen conversations. I know what you are thinking, “Does he have opposable thumbs?” Well, if he does he is not telling. It is one big secret.

It’s author Angie Bailey, of Catladyland fame, has devoted years of her life trying to understand every minute detail that goes thru our feline brains and publishing it for your human amusement. With all that power comes… you know the rest… and she has cleverly used it to bring Mittens to life.

Some situations will seem all too familiar,


while others will come as kind of a shock.


So sit back on your favorite chair, cat on your lap and enjoy your glimpse into Mittens life. If you feel the need to hide your phone afterwards beware, cats are excellent hunters.

GA_Comments_circle. blue



The book comes out March 31. Gato Avocado gives this book 2 happy paws up!