Wall O Cats: June Edition



Ending the month on a high note with new additions to our growing community. Got Sicilian cats, drama queens and a for reals CEO of a feral colony. All the way from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, working 24/7 for Save A Gato, here comes…

GA_WOC. DoritoBut don’t forget:
Save that drama for your mama:

GA_WOC Daisy
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Get ready for more Wall O’ Cats!

Ending the month of May with these cool felines. Our latest members of the Wall O’ Cats community. ¡Bienvenidos!


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Wall O’ Cats begins!




What is Wall O’ Cats you ask? It’s our very own Cat Community where we showcase our feline friends, their adventures and accomplishments. Because, you know, the internet can’t have enough cats…
¿Qué es Wall O’ Cats? Pues nuestra propia Comunidad Gatuna donde presentamos a nuestros amigos felinos y hablamos sobre sus aventuras. Porque como bien sabes, ¡caben más gatos en la internet!

So here they are! Introducing the first friendly felines of our cat community!
Super orgulloso de presentarles a ¡los primeros amigos gatunos de nuestra comunidad!

GA_Polaroid Mario
GA_Polaroid Cat Amelia
GA_Polaroid Cat Peter

Want to make your kitty part of our group? Send me a pic with his / her name and the info you want to publish to my email. Easy!

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