Catify to Satisfy: New book helps the kitty at home and those waiting for one.

GA_Comments_circle. blueThey did it again. Because when the mission is this big, one book is not enough. Catification opened all cat-friendly humans’ eyes to some basic understanding about living with a feline: you want her in the house ? (yes you do) then you have to make the space appealing to her, bringing some of her favorite outdoor activities inside in order to avoid temptation as well as making life with kitty all the more enjoyable.

Who are these amazing humans / cat behavior experts you ask? Of course, I’m talking about Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin! Now these two totally speak cat; they get under our claws, read our whiskers tea and dig into the litterbox… Putting all that info in book form to convey to you – our human friends – what we need so we can feel at home in your house.

CATIFY blad.pdf

She is not chillin’. This shy kitty needs her confidence back. Jackson can help. Courtesy of “Catify to Satisfy”.

The new book is called, Catify to Satisfy (out November 17, 2015). It includes excellent advice from Jackson’s ultra impressive cat knowledge to help bring the mojo back to your cat and Kate’s fabulous cat-approved decorating ideas to make the home a feline friendly one. But wait, there’s more! Not only you get their expertise, you also get stories (with pics and design plans no less) of wonderful humans that completely catified their homes with ramps, cat trees and my favorite CATIOS, so the kitties can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Catify to Satisfy coverAre you ready to Catify your home? Pre-order the book today because Tarcher/Penguin Publishing will donate $1 to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation which focuses on re-thinking the shelter experience so both rescued animals and staff can envision a more positive outcome. Education is key.

That deserves some extra purring!

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Peeing outside the box

Where is it“My cat is peeing outside the litterbox” is a common concern amongst feline guardians – usually new ones. Sometimes it’s a sign of a medical issue, but the majority of the cases are completely human created. They want a cat but hate the idea of a litterbox in the home, disguising them in ways that are so outrageous, even our highly trained noses can’t find.

Felines are majestic creatures that sadly share some un-godly characteristics with every other living beings on the planet; we pee and poop and need a spot to do it in. If it’s not the litterbox, watch out ’cause anything goes! plants, couches, antique rugs, your precious boots…

Sometimes the problem gets so out of hand that the poor kitty ends up at the shelter when a simple solution would’ve solved the case: Get a litterbox. Maybe 2. It is part of the “Living with a Cat” kit.

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Urinary Tract Infections and Cats: pain and misery surround the litterbox

Stress is a big factor in FLUTD. Cat's litterbox area should be a relaxing one. Pic: Glorimar Anibarro

Stress is a big factor in FLUTD. Cat’s litterbox area should be a relaxing one. Pic: Glorimar Anibarro

There are many ailments that can ruin the mood for any cat (fleas, allergies, a bath); but none are as effective in achieving its goal as the pesty Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Yes, it is the “hurts when I pee” disease and it is a serious condition.

You’ve probably met a cat dealing with it:
• goes regularly to the box but nothing comes out
• crying when peeing
• constantly licking the eliminating zone
• will leave a trace before arriving to the litterbox

and the even worse cases where:
• there is blood in the urine
• the feline simply avoids the box – Allow me to defend my peeps here. We really don’t understand what’s happening in our body, we just know it hurts like hell when we visit the box. So naturally we assume the box has something to do with the pain, therefore, it is way better to stay far away from it! 

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The Importance of Routine in a Cat’s Life.

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This week we explore the fascinating part that routine plays in a cat’s life. Have you noticed how we always bathe in the same sequence? How we know that mealtime is coming? How we insist on playing with the old nerf balls instead of the new ones? Is it OCD? No. For us it is Cat-Sanity.

Dr. Avocado, I need your advice: What’s with all this “cat’s need routine” deal? I take mine on trips all the time and she never seems to get upset about it. Thanks, Mario.

 Mario: Seems that your kitty is like me, enjoying a change of scenery every now and then. But I bet that even in the wildest trip she still wants to be fed at exactly the same time, play at the same time and visit the litterbox at (say it with me) the same time. For us routine means relaxation; is our calm inside the chaos; a security blanket that tells us that everything is going to be ok. Even our wild cousins there in the jungle live by it, catching prey at dawn and dusk everyday. It is part of our personality and if you want to live with us, you have to respect it.

A detail that escapes some humans when they start bitching that their cat is suddenly peeing outside the box or waking them up at odd hours of the night. To them I ask first: what has changed in the house? Could be as simple as a new couch, a total remodeling of a room to the epic arrival of a baby or a new boyfriend… any of these will cause us trauma and we will let you know about it by changing some of the usual habits. It is not to anger you; more as a cautionary tale of “hey, next time, consult the cat” before you change her favorite chair. As time passes, we learn that the changes are here to stay (except maybe the boyfriend) and adapt to our new surroundings. So be patient.

New TV? Must pass the cat's inspection. Photo: Glorimar Anibarro

New TV? Must pass the cat’s inspection. Photo: Glorimar Anibarro

Esta semana hablamos sobre la importancia que tiene la rutina en la vida de tu gato. ¿Has notado que siempre nos bañamos en la misma secuencia? ¿Cómo sabemos que la hora de la comida se acerca? ¿Por qué insistimos en jugar con las pelotas viejas en lugar de correr con las recién compradas? ¿Es OCD? No, para nosotros es Cordura Felina.:

Dr. Avocado, necesito sus sabios consejos: ¿qué tan cierto es eso de que los gatos necesitan una rutina durante su día? Al mío me gusta llevarlo de paseo a todas partes y nunca se ha quejado. Gracias, Mario.

Mario: Tu minino es de los míos, disfruta del paseo y un cambio de ambiente. Pero de seguro quiere su comida a la misma hora, disfruta de jugar todos los días a la misma hora y visita el arenero, (dílo conmigo) a la misma hora. A nosotros los gatos la rutina nos relaja, es nuestra calma dentro de todo el caos, nuestra seguridad de que todo está bien. Hasta los primos que viven salvajes allá en la selva tienen su rutina, cazando en la mañana y al atardecer. Es parte de nuestra personalidad y si quieres convivir con los felinos tienes que respetarla.

Este detalle se le pasa a muchos humanos y se quejan de que el gato de repente está orinando fuera de la caja o despertándolos a mitad de la noche y no entienden por qué. A éstos les pregunto: ¿qué ha cambiado en la casa? Puede ser algo tan sencillo como un sofá nuevo, la remodelación de un cuarto hasta eventos épicos como la llegada de un bebé o un nuevo novio… todo esto nos causa un pequeño trauma y te dejamos saber nuestro disgusto cambiando algunos hábitos normales. No es para enojarte, es para decirte que la próxima vez, “consultes al gato” antes de cambiar su sillón favorito. Con el tiempo nos vamos dando cuenta de que el cambio vino para quedarse (menos el novio quizás…) y nos adaptamos al nuevo look de la casa, así que ten paciencia.

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*ATTENTION: I am not a veterinarian. I am a proud member of the Felis Silvestris Catus family, (translates to “domestic cat” –  an inside joke in the cat community) that kindly shares his knowledge of our species to you. I can’t provide specific treatments for your feline friend. Please refer to your veterinarian. Meow!   /   *ATENCION: No soy veterinario. Soy un orgulloso miembro de la familia Felis Silvestris Catus (que se traduce en “gato domesticado” – chiste interno entre la comunidad gatuna), que con amor comparte su conocimiento de la especie con ustedes. No puedo proveer detalles específicos para tratar a tu amigo felino. Por favor, llévalo al veterinario. ¡Miau!

Entry Log #3

GA_To Space
At last! Finally found the litter box.
¡Al fin he encontrado el arenero!

Christmas scented hiding spot

GA_smells like christmas

The perfect camouflage for my new litter box.
Camuflaje ideal para mi nueva caja de arena.