The Kittens are Coming!

Kitten Invasion Cover LoResAnd we all must be prepared. Every spring planet Earth says hello to millions of new kittens. Their adorable faces can melt human hearts and I know that a lot of you work really hard to give them a good home; but sadly not all of them will live the fairy tale.  So what can be done about this? The ideal solution is TNR, but if the kitties are already here (or on the way), then we must help them survive. My latest ebook has valuable info on how to assist the felines in this time of need, like:
• How to take care of Mama Cat To Be
• Week by Week Guide on Kittenhood
• How to Raise an Orphan Kitten
• Ending the Cycle: Spaying your Cat
Of course every article is full of awwwww-so cute kitten pics to remind you that the job is totally worth it! So stop procrastinating and download it today 🙂

¡Ya llega la temporada de gatitos! Y todos debemos estar preparados. Cada primavera el planeta Tierra le da la bienvenida a millones de mininos. Sus caritas adorables derriten los corazones humanos y me consta que muchos de ustedes trabajan arduamente para encontrarles un hogar amoroso; pero desgraciadamente no todos disfrutan del cuento de hadas. ¿Y qué podemos hacer para mejorar la situación? La solución ideal es TNR (atrapar, esterilizar, regresar), pero si los gatitos ya están aquí (o vienen en camino), pues nos toca ayudarlos a sobrevivir. Mi más reciente ebook contiene información valiosa para asistir a los felinos en este momento, como por ejemplo:
• Ayudar a la próxima Mamá Gata
• Guía semanal del crecimiento de los gatitos
• Cómo criar un gatito huérfano
• Rompiendo el ciclo: Esterilizar a tu gata=
Cada artículo está lleno de fotos super cute para recordarte que la tarea vale la pena. Así que no lo pienses más y baja el ebook hoy 🙂

Get your cat ready for winter and the holidays. Here is all you need!

GA_Comments_circle. blueI am aware that your cat is still lying on the cold ceramic tile, balls in the air (at least the area where the balls were) ’cause it’s too freaking hot. But cold will start creeping into our calendar very soon changing your feline routine from napping on your precious granite countertop to sleeping under warm covers. And it’s not just chilly weather; the holidays are approaching bringing all kinds of delicious temptations, screaming kids, tons of boxes and awesome “crashing into tree” situations.

Is your cat ready for all this?

Gato Avocado is. And I’ve compiled lots of useful information to keep your kitty safe this winter season wrapped in my first ever eBook! And in the spirit of the soon to be here holiday season, I am gifting it to you (as in FREE).

Amaze your relatives at the dinner table with your poignant feline knowledge.

Click on the pic. Sign. Download.

Prepare your cat for winter. Cover. HiRes