Catify to Satisfy: New book helps the kitty at home and those waiting for one.

GA_Comments_circle. blueThey did it again. Because when the mission is this big, one book is not enough. Catification opened all cat-friendly humans’ eyes to some basic understanding about living with a feline: you want her in the house ? (yes you do) then you have to make the space appealing to her, bringing some of her favorite outdoor activities inside in order to avoid temptation as well as making life with kitty all the more enjoyable.

Who are these amazing humans / cat behavior experts you ask? Of course, I’m talking about Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin! Now these two totally speak cat; they get under our claws, read our whiskers tea and dig into the litterbox… Putting all that info in book form to convey to you – our human friends – what we need so we can feel at home in your house.

CATIFY blad.pdf

She is not chillin’. This shy kitty needs her confidence back. Jackson can help. Courtesy of “Catify to Satisfy”.

The new book is called, Catify to Satisfy (out November 17, 2015). It includes excellent advice from Jackson’s ultra impressive cat knowledge to help bring the mojo back to your cat and Kate’s fabulous cat-approved decorating ideas to make the home a feline friendly one. But wait, there’s more! Not only you get their expertise, you also get stories (with pics and design plans no less) of wonderful humans that completely catified their homes with ramps, cat trees and my favorite CATIOS, so the kitties can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Catify to Satisfy coverAre you ready to Catify your home? Pre-order the book today because Tarcher/Penguin Publishing will donate $1 to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation which focuses on re-thinking the shelter experience so both rescued animals and staff can envision a more positive outcome. Education is key.

That deserves some extra purring!

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#Bipetual – ism

GA_Comments_circle. blueIf it was coined by the fabulous Jackson Galaxy or not, I don’t know. But the term “bipetual” as in having pets of different species is fastly becoming the coolest trend ever!
Whoever said cats are not social, never met these felines. Giving kitties a good name. Watch. Melt. Enjoy. It’s the week of LOVE.

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No sé si el término fue inventado por el fabuloso Jackson Galaxy, pero el caso es que ser “bipetual” o el tener mascotas de distintas especies se está convirtiéndo en la tendencia más cool del momento.
Aquél que dijo que los gatos no somos sociables, nunca conoció a estos felinos. Cambiando la reputación. Observa. Derrítete. Disfruta. Es la semana del AMOR.


Puppet the cat and Puff the dragon:



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