Are cats social animals?

Does this look like an antisocial behavior? Seems like love to me. Pic by Glorimar Anibarro

Does this look like an antisocial behavior? Seems like love to me.

This week we will answer a few common questions regarding one of the most common feline misconceptions: cats are loners and prefer to live on their own.

Who came up with this idea? Dog-loving people? Sure, dogs live by a hierarchy code where they follow the alpha male everywhere while cats (sorry) don’t do that. But this doesn’t mean that we are antisocial. It means we won’t follow just ’cause you say so.

Dr. Avocado logoWe are socializing since birth. Kitties don’t appear out of the blue; they are born from a loving mama cat and from that moment on we are constantly fighting for food and territory: as kittens for mother’s milk, as adults aggressively conquering territories and mates. But when the fighting is done, we hang out with our pals in the colony.

Maybe the confusion comes from the fact that felines give each other space. There are moments of cute cuddling and play, but also hours of keeping out of each other’s way in order to enjoy some privacy. If you have ever visited the “cat room” in a shelter or adoption center, you have seen this behavior in action. The cats are all there, each in their own private space just chillin’.

FACT: Do you know that cats in the wild don’t meow? They learn to do that to communicate with, drumroll please, YOU. How’s that for antisocial.

Time for our first question: “That’s all fine and dandy Dr. Avocado, but I got a cat at home that never cuddles next to me, preferring to stare at us all day from the top of her cat tree. What is up with that?” Continue reading

Purring in the First Degree! – Gato Comments reports

GA_Comments_circleA crime has been committed. A convict on the loose. A most scary furry tail of a mystery. Will he be captured before he snuggles again? Watch and take note, YOU may have a criminal in the house.

Se ha cometido un crímen. El convicto se ha tirado a la fuga. Un misterio para pelos. ¿Lo podrán capturar antes de que vuelva a acurrucar a alguien? Observa y toma nota porque TU puedes tener un criminal en la casa.


Video courtesy of the fabulous team at CATastrophes. Thanks for the info guys.