Reviewing the naturally fun toys from Purrfectplay

Wooly Dust Bunnies from Purrfectplay

Wooly Dust Bunnies from Purrfectplay

Ah! The realities of the cat guardian: Buying toys for kitty, coming home all excited about seeing kitty play with her new toy, only to have their illusions crushed when she prefers the box the whole thing came in. Don’t feel bad. Your intentions are awesome, but you need to understand that your feline is not impressed by bright colors and cool print patterns, she’s intrigued with the object’s texture, the way it feels in her paw; and if its catnip infused, then it’s love at first bite!

Purrfectplay toys are made from 100% organic fibers, soft and fluffy, just like the prey your indoor cat wishes she could still catch. All natured-approved. No plastics, no dyes, no synthetic. Which means that they are safe to use for kitties of all ages. Did we mention lots of them are filled with organic catnip? I mean, what else can a cat ask for?

Well funny you ask (I know it was me but you get it anyway)… Purrfectplay toys not only makes pets happy, they also help the community by donating 5% of each sale to rescue organizations and try to keep their carbon footprint as small and light as a feline’s strut by contributing to local and regional land preservation groups.

Want proof?

Case 1: Check out the very bored 11 year old and kinda Gato Avocado doppleganger, James.

"Fine, I'll take another nap..." Pic: Glorimar Anibarro

“Fine, I’ll take another nap…” Pic: Glorimar Anibarro


..And after discovering the Happy Catnip Carrot toy.

“What is this? And filled with organic catnip? IT’S MINE!”

Case 2: Lovely, quiet and demure Tansy. 14 years old.

“How much longer until the next Game of Thrones season?”. Pic: Glorimar Anibarro

“How much longer until the next Game of Thrones season?”. Pic: Glorimar Anibarro


And after discovering a Wooly Dust Bunny rolling around.

Wooly ball you’re no match for my hunting skills!”

If they make even less-than-young cats find their inner kitten, they must be doing something right. Check them out! To learn more about the toys and the amazing people that make them, visit their site. 

Disclosure: I received Purrfectplay toys and catnip to review at no charge. I didn’t get any cash for writing this post. Not that it matters ‘cause you know how cats just don’t care if we get paid or not, we will do whatever we want 😀

Gato Avocado’s Book Review: “Texts from Mittens. A cat who has an unlimited data plan… and isn’t afraid to use it “

9780373893225_POB_prd.inddTexts from Mittens, the hilarious Catster based column-turned-internet-sensation that keeps readers laughing weekly arrives now in book form. Woohoo! let’s celebrate with some of Stumpy’s nip 😀 Don’t know what I’m meowing about? Seriously? Allow me to explain: Mittens is a tuxedo feline with a huge chip on his shoulder. I’m talking intense attitude. You know when people look at their cats and wonder, “what is he thinking?” Our hero’s mom doesn’t have that problem ’cause this dude is in constant communication via text messaging. He doesn’t hold back.

The book follows his dramatic daily adventures dealing with mom, grandma, Phil the family’s dog, Stumpy his catnip loving best friend and Patty the happy drunken neighbor as we read his mobile screen conversations. I know what you are thinking, “Does he have opposable thumbs?” Well, if he does he is not telling. It is one big secret.

It’s author Angie Bailey, of Catladyland fame, has devoted years of her life trying to understand every minute detail that goes thru our feline brains and publishing it for your human amusement. With all that power comes… you know the rest… and she has cleverly used it to bring Mittens to life.

Some situations will seem all too familiar,


while others will come as kind of a shock.


So sit back on your favorite chair, cat on your lap and enjoy your glimpse into Mittens life. If you feel the need to hide your phone afterwards beware, cats are excellent hunters.

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The book comes out March 31. Gato Avocado gives this book 2 happy paws up!